Re-Imagine – September 29 & 20th 2017

You’re invited!  This celebration and learning event is for explorers, entrepreneurs, sojourners, truth seekers, pioneers, and practitioners living on the edge of inside bringing the good news of Jesus to their neighbourhoods, cities, and tribes.

We are creating a safe learning space where we “Re-Imagine” together the question: “What is the Good News?”

Our two day event takes place:

Friday, September 29th (7-9pm)
Cost: FREE!

Join us Friday evening as we celebrate unity in diversity around the good news of Jesus again from the perspective of the Circle Dance of the Trinity! Come participate in an evening of worship and reflection. Story and the arts will animate our evening together!

Saturday, September 30th (9:30am-4pm)
Cost: $10 Cash or Cheque at the door
Join us Saturday as we gather for learning circles together! Local voices will guide our learning together as we further Re-Imagine the implications of the Good News and allow it to Re-Frame our imaginations.

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Free Parking at the Venue

Detailed itinerary for Friday and Saturday coming August 21st.

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Mosaic Feast Gathering with Tony Campolo

The Feast idea flows out of the big party that Jesus talked about in Luke 14:15-23 where people of every tribe and tongue, the rich and the poor, and all the generations and genders will gather as one to celebrate and display in dance, music, storytelling, and food our unity and diversity found through Jesus. We love a good party, and believe that when we come together with other followers of Jesus from different tribes where all are welcome to the table with no strings attached, we are getting foretaste of the Big Feast that is coming when Jesus returns to repair a broken world and make all things right again.
The missional communities of Amadeo Vineyard Community, North Calgary Vineyard, Close2Home, Crossroads Community Church, Kings Bridge, Calgary Missional Church will be coming together as unique and colorful pieces in the Mosaic that are being fitted together to celebrate our unity in Jesus, and band together to walk out justice and mission by partnering with World Vision to embark on a journey of transformation with the community of Simba, in the DRC Congo through child sponsorship.

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Feast Gathering of Justice and Unity

I have attached some info on Emmanuel and a digital copy of the overview of the community in the Congo DRC, that we will partner with for our Justice/Unity Event we can call The Feast: The picture behind the name being that when we walk out unity and justice we get a foretaste of the Big Feast to come talked about in Luke 14: 15-23 where all are welcome!

Further info for FB:

  • We will start at 10am on Sunday morning Feb. 28th end around 12 at Encompass facility at 3851 – 54 Ave. NE, Calgary, AB
  • Childcare for kids 12 and under provided.
  • Highlighting of a local missional justice stories from Converge and Encompass
  • Emmanuel Jal sharing his message of hope and justice through his rap music and story
  • Partnering together as church communities to partner with World Vision to see community transformation come to Simba community in the Congo DRC.
  • Punjabi worship
  • Finger foods and sponsoring a child from Simba community at the end of the gathering

Let’s get the word out for this Feast Gathering of Justice and Unity we all have been invited by Jesus to walk in.

Meet Emmanuel Jal


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How My Neighbourhood Saved Me!

Love My Neighbourhood 2I love my hood of Bowness, and there is no other place I would rather live in our city of Calgary. It is a quircky and eclectic place where the rich and the poor live in close proximity to each other. It is a place of beauty, generosity, and diversity. No two houses look alike, and we have verdant green spaces with tall mature spruce and pine trees!

Yet my love for my neighbourhood was not a ‘love at first sight’ kind of deal. The truth is when we first felt the nudge to move here, I fought the idea. Bowness was known in our city as one of the rougher hoods, and a place that you would want to move out of as quick as possible to a safer part of the city. When we moved in there was a biker gang called the Grim Reapers based in the hood with a fortified club house to boot which a few years later became part of the notorious Hell’s Angel’s crew. There were youth gangs including the Indian Posse, grow ops, drug deals, frequent B & E’s, and folks living on the margins because of urban poverty.

Jesus loves to show up in what we think are some of the most dodgy, dangerous, and dark places!


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