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Re-Imagine – September 29 & 20th 2017

You’re invited!  This celebration and learning event is for explorers, entrepreneurs, sojourners, truth seekers, pioneers, and practitioners living on the edge of inside bringing the good news of Jesus to their neighbourhoods, cities, and tribes. We are creating a safe … Continue reading

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What is Church? Part 2: Best Practices for Weaving an Invisible Tapestry of Church

To fully understand God’s idea of church, we need to see the Church through the bifocals of an invisible yet visible tapestry that God is weaving. The hidden dimension or structure of the tapestry is often invisible to the naked … Continue reading

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What is Church? Part 1: The Invisible and Visible Community of Jesus

There is a lot of discussion and confusion around the word ‘church’ these days. What is Church, and who is part of the church? How does one join or get in on this faith community? Is the church some mystical, … Continue reading

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The Emerging Church: A Beautiful Mess

Have you ever heard the following comments: “If we could only be like the early church!” or “Wouldn’t it be great to have been part of the church in the book of Acts!” Often these comments come from a genuine … Continue reading

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